#30 Go Whale Watching

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I know most people in BC have seen whales in the wild, not me. I would be happy to go out on a tour or go out on a friends/families boat (hint, hint) to try and catch a glimpse.

#26 Get Healthy

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This is obviously a big ongoing project. Overall I think I am pretty healthy but I slip in and out of taking care of myself. I would like to continue to work on my health which includes: taking my vitamins, … Continued

#24 Declutter

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We have so much stuff we do not use. I am pretty good about getting rid of things but there still seems to be so much. This will be an ongoing project but I feel so much better when we … Continued

#23 Go dog sledding

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This looks like an amazing experience. I know several people who have done it already so I will have to talk to them about where to go.