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Welcome to my personal project. With 45 quickly approaching I thought it was time to start my 50 things to do before I turn 50 years old. I was inspired by a couple of things. First of all my brother did a 40 things to do before 40 list. He didn’t quite get his whole list complete (he is still working though a few) but only gave himself a year to complete everything where as I have five.

Creating a list of 50 things to do is in itself a challenging experience. I have been very lucky to get married, have kids, travel all over the world, have close friends and have had more experiences then I can count. Which only makes finding 50 things all that much more challenging. I am also conscious of trying to balance expensive experiences with experiences close to home that cost little to no money. The list is a work in progress and you can see is not yet complete. Have an idea or want to join me? I would love to hear from you.

I understand how little time we have and how quickly is goes by. Where did the last 10 years go??? Things I want to experience often get quickly forgotten in the business of day to day. It is time to stop saying “we should do that” and start actually doing it. Starting now!



50 things to do before 50

#38 Meditate Regularly

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I am not new to meditating but I would like to make it more of a regular part of my day. I would like to put meditate daily but that may only lead... READ MORE

#37 Take a food tour

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We eat in the same restaurants and go to the same places all the time. I have taken food tours in other cities but never in my own city. It could be fun... READ MORE

#36 Take a dance class

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This one I really didn’t want to put on the list but I know it is really important. This one will get me out of my comfort dance. Anyone who knows me knows... READ MORE

#35 Private

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This one I am going to keep to myself until it is complete. I will update this post once I am done. Hopefully sooner rather than later. READ MORE